One Week Later: The Positives

To combat the annoying Baby Blues, instead of blogging everything that’s happened this week (and with what time, really), I’m going to focus on the positive things.

For starters, I had another easy delivery. It was the same basic schedule as Charlotte, except that I lingered in the pre-water-breakage stage at the hospital for a few extra hours. Because last time everything went so fast after that, my doctor wanted to wait until the real morning, not 4:30 am. This time my water was broken around 9am, and with the same milestones as his sister, Elliott flew out 5 hours later. Also like Charlotte, I pushed through 3 sets of contractions and out he came. There’s nothing to complain about there.

Our hospital stay went very smoothly as well. I remember last time being completely overwhelmed with the entire experience. First postpartum recovery, first newborn baby to tend, first hospital stay, first revolving door of hospital staff and well-wishers too happy for me to say “I need some rest, please”, first everything. This time we knew what we were doing and what to expect. It made everything so much easier and we took full advantage of the break. We knew once we got home that things old be drastically different. We were not wrong, but this is the positive post, so I’ll get to that later maybe.

Aside from nursing and a thoroughly confused lower back, my body has healed remarkably fast. Well, I say remarkably. I remember still being in a lot of pain and having a lot of other “issues” at this point with the last pregnancy. Maybe it’s just the contrast of feeling like complete crap towards the end of this pregnancy, but I feel better now, one week after giving birth, than I have in months. I’m still limited on what I can do, and I push those limits too far (naturally), but by and large, I’m a fan of this postpartum recovery.

Along with that, I’ve already shed just over 20 pounds. Considering I only gained 14 during the pregnancy, well, that’s certainly put a smile on my face. I’ve got a long way to go to get to a weight I’d like to live at (say another 30-40 pounds), but this is a nice jump-start. I’m not recommending pregnancy as a weight-loss plan, mind you, but it’s a great way to start the day. This happened last time, too, but by the time Charlotte turned 1, I was back up to the very unhealthy weight I started at for this pregnancy. This Time Will Be Different!

Continuing from the hospital stay, our collective confidence level is a wonderful thing. With Charlotte, we couldn’t trust our instincts, because we didn’t have them. I was so worried about making a mistake that I was a complete emotional wreck. Change a diaper? Feed a baby? Dress a baby? Swaddle? Everything that felt daunting before is second nature this time. It’s incredible. When her initial weight loss was a concern to our pediatrician all i heard was “you’re a terrible mother”. This time? I heard “he’s probably fine, but let’s just make sure.” Same doctor, same discussion, but very different set of parents.

And then there’s Elliott. We can’t take all the credit for how “easy” this has been. I’ve started calling him Maslow, because he’s a pretty straight-forward kid. He’s got about 5 needs right now (food, rest, clean diaper, non-upset tummy, not cold and exposed on the changing table). Meet them, and he’s a happy camper, content to lay there and blink his eyes at you until he falls asleep again. He doesn’t really whine that much when he’s needy, even. Just enough to let you know that something’s up. I don’t remember Charlotte ever being this content. We’re all holding our breath, waiting for the colic window to see if he’s going to be similarly afflicted, but so far, he’s been a champ. People often wonder how someone with a difficult first child ever consider having another. I wonder how someone starting with a complacent tyke like Elliott would adapt to a “challenge” like Charlotte. I’d much rather do them in this order.

So that’s the good. To be fair, the struggles that populate the negatives (it’s all struggles, nothing health-related, thankfully) really aren’t all that terrible. Certainly not in the wake of all this awesome.

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    You’ve got to accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. Latch on to the affirmative. Don’t mess with Mister In-Between.

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