A Day in the Life

More posts might be coming soon. There’s a “birth story” that’s more or less written, a giant rant about breastfeeding that may or many not get posted, and lots of other things I could talk about like Elliott’s first few (awesome) days, Charlotte’s typical but frustrating reactions towards both Elliott and me, pictures galore, etc etc.

For now, here’s some raw output from the Baby Activity Monitor app that I’ve been using on my iPhone to help track Elliott’s day. The app isn’t perfect, but it’s hella sexy and beats pen and paper at 3 in the morning any day of the week. Who doesn’t love digitzed data?! I’m not taking any more time to argue with wordpress and my theme about how this table can/should be displayed, so if it looks a little wonky, that’s why. Don’t blame the app :)

Here’s what 6 days old looked like:
(ignore the “0.00 oz” – that’s for bottle feeding)

2010-06-08 – Activity Logger Report for Elliott
Time Activity Duration Amount Notes
23:28 pumped just over 1 ounce left breast only
23:04 Diaper Pooped
22:58 Slept 1:01 hrs
22:46 Burped possibly some spitup as well.
22:36 Ate from Right Breast 21 mins 0.00 oz
20:47 Slept 1:43 hrs
20:34 Ate from Left Breast 9 mins 0.00 oz took a nap break
20:25 Diaper Pooped & Peed
18:55 Slept 1:29 hrs
18:51 Burped
18:35 Ate from Left Breast 20 mins 0.00 oz
17:39 Slept 56 mins
17:38 Burped
17:16 Ate from Left Breast 22 mins 0.00 oz
14:58 Diaper Pooped
14:44 Slept 2:16 hrs
14:33 Ate from Right Breast 10 mins 0.00 oz
14:20 Diaper Peed
13:11 Slept 1:04 hrs
13:10 Burped
13:00 Ate from Left Breast 10 mins 0.00 oz just to sleep, but got hind milk
12:55 Diaper Peed
11:17 Slept 1:33 hrs
11:12 Ate from Left Breast 5 mins 0.00 oz
10:25 Diaper Pooped super runny. greenish yellow.
10:10 Ate from Right Breast 15 mins 0.00 oz got to the hind milk!
10:01 Diaper Peed all over the table
10:00 Diaper Peed
07:45 Slept 2:00 hrs
07:34 Burped
07:19 Ate from Left Breast 13 mins 0.00 oz
07:11 Diaper Pooped & Peed both while changing wet diaper
07:10 Diaper Peed
04:53 Slept 2:17 hrs
04:52 Burped
04:30 Ate from Right Breast 21 mins 0.00 oz one burp break
02:58 Slept 1:30 hrs
02:44 Diaper Pooped & Peed runny and seedy
02:43 Burped
02:37 Ate from Left Breast 20 mins 0.00 oz includes 2 breaks and one diaper chg.
00:00 Slept 2:35 hrs

  • Mark

    Really glad you find Baby Activity Logger useful! Let us know if you have any suggestions or questions! mark@nerdtown.com

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