Week 35: “Are You Ready Yet?”

I am not squeamish. I do not shy away from stories about pregnancies/labor where things have gone horribly wrong just because i’m pregnant and it might “jinx” something. i may jokingly cover my belly when someone talks about colic or other new-baby drama, but i don’t really think they’re giving Elliott any ideas. you can pretty much talk about any aspect of pregnancy/parenthood around me and i’m cool with it.

what i’m not cool with is any version of the following question/comment:

“6 weeks, eh? are you ready? you know, my best friend’s sister had her second child 7 weeks premature, so you could really go at any time, now. I bet you’re really looking forward to being done, right?”

For the record: no, i am not ready yet and despite all of my non-squeamishness, I do not want to hear about people who have already given birth by this stage. Every time I hear it, the “it could happen at any time now” voice gets louder and the “i’m not ready yet voice” gets a bit more panicked and it’s stressing me out.

here is how it works, or at least, how it worked last time and more or less looks like it’s going to work this time: if you’re fortunate enough not to go through pre-term labor issues, you reach a point near the end of your pregnancy where your discomfort of being pregnant eclipses any anxiety you might have over labor or new-parenthood that prevents you from being “not ready” to deliver. you go from “i don’t know if i can do this” to “for the love of god, would someone get this thing out of me already?”

it’s a healthy thing and i’m looking forward to it.

i am nearly there. the constant backache, the limited mobility, the giant wiggly baby in my belly are all wearing on me and i’m pretty much ready to be done with it all. it’s making me cranky, which frustrates me and everyone who’s trying their best to be accommodating to my needs and moods because, holy crap, i’m a super-pregnant woman. there’s just one problem: Elliott’s world isn’t quite prepped for his arrival. Although there is nothing that doesn’t have a “while Kelly and Elliott are in the hospital” solution, there are lots of things that i’d like to have accomplished before i can fully embrace the “let’s get this show on the road” attitude.

I’d like to spend a little bit more time refreshing my memory on newborn care, especially the nursing part. i’m sure it will all come back to me, but i never trust that theory. between the toddler and the newborn’s needs, double-checking a book or the internet when i run up against something i feel like i’m forgetting just won’t happen. while he’ll be sleeping in a bassinet in our bedroom for the first few months, i’d like to have the nursery re-established with the right furniture in the proper place. i’d also like to have all his bedding, blankets, and first clothes washed and prepped and put away. it’d be nice to know where in our bedroom we’re going to put the bassinet now that we’ve added furniture to it, too. oh god, and the “lets go to the hospital now” bag isn’t anywhere near prepped. i keep forgetting about that one. and ordering the new stroller and the pump supplies and…

see? i’m so not ready to be ready!

we’re working towards all those goals, and the closer we get, the less panicked i feel. but please, strangers and family alike, please quit telling me that it could happen any day now and asking me if i’m ready yet. i know, and i’m not.

i promise to tell you when i am.

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