Current Mantra: WWSMD?

I’m running into a new problem as I get deeper into my third trimester: I’m the pregnant mother of a toddler.

I know, duh, right? Well, amid all the focus on being a healthy baby carrier, prep for Elliott’s debut, and occasional freak outs about being a mother of two, being a pregnant mom gets lost in the shuffle. Even when it’s an issue (surprise! you can’t hold your daughter on your lap and put on her shoes anymore!), it’s usually something with an obvious solution. Sometimes the solution is a bit more cumbersome (setting her on the couch and kneeling in front of her is not ideal – she wiggles and it’s harder to get up afterward), but the solution is readily available.

Occasionally, it isn’t, and that’s when I ask myself a simple question: What Would a Single Mom Do?

This is not to imply that my husband is a deadbeat. Far from it. But there are “jobs” that are mine and tasks I’d still like to accomplish without waiting for him to get home in the evenings or saving for the already-stacked weekends. If I can do it myself, I’m going to and pregnancy hasn’t changed that.

A prime example of this is giving Charlotte a bath. This is not easy, and since it’s not part of our bed time routine (it gets her all worked up, not calmed down), it usually takes place during the day. Not only is kneeling in front of the tub rough on my back, but it’s getting harder and harder to reach her in the tub without seriously cramping Elliott’s living quarters. My crafty 2-year-old knows this, so when there’s something that needs doing that she doesn’t want done, she just wiggles away from me out of reach. So what’s the solution? I could turn bathing responsibilities over to Ryan, but I don’t. I mean, seriously. What if he wasn’t here? Do the children of single mothers just not bathe their existing children for the last few months? That’s ridiculous. So while we’ve been trying to work in some early-evening baths, I continue to give her a bath when she needs one.

When I was pregnant with Charlotte, I was hyper-diligent about making sure I didn’t do anything that might “upset” the baby to an extreme that is common for first time mothers and more than a little excessive. Now? Not so much. Again, I’m not saying I can’t be bothered to look after Elliott, but I’ve gained a more rational perspective. Since I have no actual health concerns, I can’t not pick up Charlotte when I need to. She’s already discovered that she’s faster than I am unless it’s an emergency situation. If I couldn’t pick her up when I finally catch her and wrangle her where she needs to go? Forget about it! That means anything that’s roughly Charlotte-sized is fair game for being picked up and carted around. It’s better if can balance the weight, so I haven’t flinched away from a set of Charlotte-sized weights on either arm. Sometimes my back is going to hurt for a while, but not-doing something like laundry or buying groceries is impractical. Besides, that’s why science came up with (generic) rapid-release Tylenol and ice packs!

I’m a bit worried about what will happen in the next couple of months in terms of fatigue. With Charlotte, I was sleeping an absurd amount. It was partially due to boredom (I wasn’t quite put on bed rest, but I was put on “sit down with your feet up as much as you can”-rest), but partially because towards the end, even when you’re not “doing anything”, your body’s super-busy finishing up the baby. It’s like being tired when you’ve got the flu. Your body has better things to be doing than keeping you awake. As a result, I took 2 naps during the day and slept quite a bit at night.

This will not be possible when Charlotte’s around and there’s only so much “WWSMD?” I can get away with when my body is demanding sleep. And yet I think I’m going to have to get used to being sleep deprived even before Elliott makes his debut.

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  • abeyance

    Today I wrote a blog also about WWSMD? I thought I was clever and that I made this idea up, maybe not or maybe we both super brillant, anyhow take a look! LOVE YOURS!!

  • abeyance

    Today I wrote a blog also about WWSMD? I thought I was clever and that I made this idea up, maybe not or maybe we both super brillant, anyhow take a look! LOVE YOURS!!

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