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Ready or Not….

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

For the past few months, the weekly emails I receive from baby/parenting sites have all featured toilet training or toilet training products or links to articles that answer the “is my toddler ready?” question.

I have been ignoring them.

I mean, she’s 19 months old! I’m barely comfortable referring to her as a toddler, despite the fact that she’s a walking, talking, opinionated mini-person. There is no way she’s ready for toilet training. No Way.

Earlier this week, in defiance of another set of related links, I followed through to prove to the site full of experts that they were wrong.

And of course, they’re not. I mean, she’s not ready quite yet, but she’s well on her way, and much closer to being ready than I am ready to deal with.

For starters, she’s been taking off her clothes for months now. She’s also been echoing me when I change her diaper and talk about all the poop. She is very proud of eliciting cartoonish reactions from me when the diaper has a mighty load in it. Yesterday at daycare she pulled some poop out of her diaper and presented it to one of her caregivers. She may have just been mimicking another child who did it earlier in the day, but if that’s not awareness, I know not what is.

We struggle occasionally with diapers designed for babies up to 10 pounds heavier than charlotte not being able to hold a full load of pee, and today it was worse than it’s ever been. I’m vigilant about diaper-changing, so I just assumed this was because she was drinking too much in one sitting. It turns out that having a bladder developed enough to hold onto urine for a while so that it all comes out at once instead of just leaking all day long is a sign.

She’s either mastered or is well on her way to mastering almost everything on that checklist. It’s basically down to “Can sit down quietly in one position for two to five minutes” and of course “Mother is prepared to let her daughter grow up a bit more.”

It’s anybody’s guess which one will come first :)

test of wills: latest round

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

“What is that, Charlotte?”



“bah-bah-bah. bah-day-dee. bah-bah-bah. bah-day-dee. bah-bah-bah. bah-day-dee. bah-bah-bah. bah-day-dee.”