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mind your manners

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

we are raising a rather polite child. we introduced “please” as a concept a few months ago and although she’s interpreted it largely as “if you do this, they’ll have to give you what you want”, it’s a part of most exchanges with her. recently, she’s started saying her own version of “thank you” as well. sometimes even without prompting.

this weekend, something a bit odd happened. we were a memorial day/graduation party and sampling cake. like most deserts, we used the cake and ice cream as a teaching opportunity for the more, please, and thank you concepts. at this point, they’re largely reinforcers. she’d sign “more” as soon as you ask “would you like more?” of anything …except the cake. when we’d asked if she’d like more cake, she lifted one arm in the air and waved it about. At first, we thought she was distracted by something, but she didn’t have any issues asking for more ice cream, just cake.

eventually, we realized what we’d done. one of our family favorite songs is seven by they might be giants. it’s a fun song that repeats the refrain “we want cake! where’s our cake?” several times. in the car, we’ve been encouraging charlotte’s participation by raising our fists in the air and pumping them with great fury.

context is key.

non-update story…

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

lots of things have been happening in Charlotte’s world in the last few weeks, and I’ll hopefully get around to posting about them soon.

for now, though, you can read about how she locked herself in our bedroom.