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we love daycare!

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events (short version: i applied for a fun-sounding part time job and didn’t get it), charlotte was recently enrolled at the downtown children’s center, just a few blocks from our loft. we were planning on putting her in 3 days a week, but without the wee bit of income that the job would have provided, we’ve scaled back to 2 days.

and she loves it to pieces.

one of the main problems we were having at home was that she was getting super-bored. the only places left unexplored at home are the places she knows she’s not allowed to explore (drawers with knives, rooms with “locked” doors, electrical outlet covers, etc etc), which was leading to seriously frustrating days. even when i tried my best to fill our days with activities and “new” things, it wouldn’t last very long. i am not, as many people gently reminded me during the day care setup, an early education specialist, and i do not wish to be. we had discussed doing something for her when she was “old enough” to get her more socialization and other things that hanging out with mom all day prevents her from getting.

other than the usual transition issues (what’s a cot? why am i eating at a table? oh, look, i’ve got a cold!), she’s loved every second. she’s done a couple of art projects, made complete messes with oatmeal and finally got to play outside when the weather cleared. she comes home every day with a new set of favorite sounds, if not actual new words. the staff is great about talking about her day with us when we go to pick her up, and everyone there is very clearly excited about what they do and love the kids.

it makes me feel way less guilty dropping her off when i’m not “working” (but finally cleaning the house for reals, writing, etc) when she has such a great time and is learning so much.

(mini-postscript: i recently found a bunch of really-real comments lurking in the moderation queue. sorry for the delay in visibility.)