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pardon the dust…

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

we’re doing a bit of cleanup here at the old theme’s been annoying me for quite a while and i decided to revert to something simple while working on the redesign (nothing fancy, just finding and tweaking someone else’s theme, likely).

if the site hiccoughs on you in the next few weeks, that’s likely because i’m in the process of polishing.

thanks much!

milestone achieved: first steps

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

we officially have a walker on our hands. she’d been getting closer and closer for the past few weeks and her biggest (only?) hurdle to unsupported walking was being completely uninterested in moving forward without someone holding both of her hands. occasionally, i could get her to walk forward while just holding onto one hand, but that was only to get to my other outstretched hand and she would cry and fuss the entire way. i tried cheering over her complaints to show her it was a good thing, but she would have None Of It. it was clear by the lack of weight pressing into my hand(s) that she didn’t need them to propel herself forward and regain her balance on the next step. like learning to stand, it worked best when there was a perfect storm of distraction and interest. if she got too excited, she would be frustrated by her slow progress and drop to her knees to crawl over.

this weekend we travelled to Bryan, TX to visit some friends, and i had hoped that the extra distractions and excitement would do the trick. i didn’t have to wait long.

when gina and i returned from the grocery store yesterday, ryan declared that she had taken several steps (4 or 5) in pursuit of their cat (kitty mae). she only dropped to her knees when she reached the cat (the awesome, completely docile cat that lets her do almost anything and when she has had enough, she simply gets up and walks out of reach). this morning, she did it twice again, and easily tolerated the one-hand lead around the room. the only time she protested was when she was too tired or excited to deal with the pace.

speaking of steps, her favorite activity at our friends’ house seems to be scaling their staircase. she’s seen stairs before at her grandmother’s house, but climbing them was something she did slowly and cautiously. not so anymore. she races to the top of the steps any chance she gets and will only tolerate being removed so that she can scale them again. ryan has started working on going down the stairs safely. she crawls for a while, but when she reaches the section of the stairs with a bannister, she stands up and lowers herself while clutching the poles.

we’ll be in texas for another 4 days. who knows what other skills she’ll pick up!