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5 months: rice cereal and new clothes

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

no checkup this month, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t happening. after staring at our food while we ate for the last couple of weeks, we finally started her on solids. so far it’s going pretty rocky. she gets about 3 mouthfuls in before she gets bored/angry/etc. by the third feeding, however, she grasped the concept of “open mouth, insert spoon.” what she does with the spoon varies, however. sometimes she swallows. sometimes she gums and grimaces, and sometimes she clamps down and everything goes out the front door.

it’s a learning process this month, though, so i’m not too disheartened. it’s a bit frustrating though. she’s a quick eater, whether she’s at the breast or the bottle, so this solid-food stuff is extra tedious in comparison. we’re also about to start weaning off the breast. i was considering weaning straight from breast to solids, but i think that’s going to take quite a while. for now we’re averaging one “solid” meal and one bottle a day, and i’m not pumping out the excess. we’re not really counting the solid meal as a meal, though. i think in the next couple of weeks, that’ll move to two times a day (consciously, not “averaging”), one in the morning and one in the evening so that i don’t get overly full in the gaps.

sorry, i’m mostly thinking out loud. you didn’t come here for that, you came here for milestones, didn’t you? well, if not, too bad that’s what you’re getting now :)

  • (should be) laugh out loud: this is left over from 4 months. she laughs for certain, but still very rarely. i guess we’re not funny enough?
  • (should be) on stomach, raise chest, supported by arms: rolling onto her stomach in the crib brought this skill up to par within days.
  • (should be) the raisin thing: still haven’t tested this. we don’t really have raisin-sized things around.
  • (probably) roll over (one way): what does one way mean? she can go from back to front and front to back just fine, but is better at one direction than the other
  • (probably) say “ah-goo”: has this one down, but is much, *much* more entertained by squealing and gurgling in the back of her throat.
  • (may possibly) sit without support: not yet, at least not easily, but we’re focusing on that during play time.
  • (may even) pull to standing: no (thank goodness)
  • (may even) stand holding onto someone/thing: she likes to stand on your lap, bounce up and down, or swing her hips like she’s impersonating elvis.
  • (may even) object if you try to take a toy away: i watched her do this at a shower last week. it was highly entertaining
  • (may even) work to get a toy out of reach: that’s how we’re encouraging her to crawl
  • (may even) pass an object from one hand to the other: she’s doing this, but not with purpose yet. usually because she brings both hands plus the object to her mouth, but i’m not sure that’s relevant.
  • (may even) look for a dropped object: not quite up on object permanence yet. she *does* like to take things and drop them out of her crib/car seat/jumper/changing table, etc. it’s a fun game.
  • (may even) rake tiny object with fingers: again, no tiny things, but she will pick up links that are near by
  • (may even) babble: not yet. verbal skills are still far behind the gross/fine motor ones

and a new feature: Kelly’s irrational, unfounded fears for Charlotte this month:

  • autism: it runs in the family and has replaced peanut allergy as the “it” topic for the media. no other reason.
  • crosseyed: also silly, but occasionally when she looks at me, they look a little “off.” i had this problem as a babe, but it was eventually determined that one side of my nose was a bit thicker than the other side, and that created an illusion.

before the next monthly update we’ll have upgraded to size 3 diapers, 6-9 months clothes, and had a baptism. if i get a chance, i’ll tell you about her very first professional portrait sitting. in the mean time, check flickr for some less-professional work.

how to tell she’s a st. louisan

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

on sunday, grandpa was holding charlotte while eating a piece of gooey butter cake. without any warning, she stuck her hands straight in the pile of sugary goodness. in the ensuing hilarity and chaos, she managed to stick one cake-coated hand into her mouth. as i pulled it out, she broke into the biggest grin i’ve ever seen.

and thusly, charlotte had her very first (accidental) taste of people food.