labor/birth day report

so many things have happened in the last 24 hours that are worthy of documentation, but i’m going to start with the basics. it’s about all i’ll have time for before charlotte comes by for her 12:15 feeding. after that, it is nap time for me :)

there are two kinds of induction stories. the first kind, as previously mentioned is the “omg did it ever suck and then i had to get a c-section anyway” kind. the second, of which i knew only one actual incident (detailed by deborah in the comments), is the “i blinked and i had a baby” kind.

allow me to add another :)

we arrived at the hospital around 10pm. after checking in, getting setup in the room, getting an IV and all that swell stuff, it was determined that i was *still* 3cm and 80%. they started me on a low dose of pitocin with plans to progress after 4am. we spent about 4 hours not-quite sleeping. i think i maybe got 10 minutes of actual unconsciousness out of the whole thing, but was lulled into a semi-sedated state by the rhythm of charlotte’s heartbeat on the baby monitor…when she stayed still enough for it to pick it up anyway.

around 4:15, my water was artificially broken and the pitocin was kicked up a notch. contractions (which had been relatively non-existent for the last 4), began in earnest. i understood what “not being able to talk through them” meant. i can’t imagine waiting for that stage before even going to the hospital. an hour later, the pain had sufficiently eclipsed my apprehension about an epidural.

by 5:45, i was all set up. epidurals are one of the greatest inventions ever. yes, the concept is freaky, and the installation was unnerving (missing story goes here), but once it’s in? wowsers. it’s like sitting in a jacuzzi, only without the water. my legs were warm and heavy and slightly tingly and i felt wonderful.

after a brief visit by the grandparents around 6:15ish, i was checked again. 4cm and 95% effaced. progress! we were told that they’d check up on us every so often (2ish hours) to see how we were doing. in the mean time, if i felt any pressure with the contractions, or desire to push, i should let them know.

at 7am we took a nap.

at 8 i woke up because i was feeling pressure.

at 8:15 it was determined that not only had i slept the rest of active labor (the 4-7cm growth phase), but all of transition (the awful, worst part of the whole process jump from 7-10cm). charlotte’s head was already making it’s way down the chute. after discussing the options (start pushing now, or see how much longer i can hold out), we decided to wait until the pressure/pushing urge became a bit stronger. since we were both doing fine, it would lessen the amount of time we spent in active pushing.

calls were made, waiting parents were informed that the baby would likely be coming in the next hour or so.

at 8:40ish, my doctor showed up to start her morning rounds. she assessed the situation and said “you’re having this baby now. i’m not even going to check on my other charges.”

at 8:50 we started the process up with a couple of practice pushes (there’s a breathing/pushing rhythm to each contraction). fortunately, my epidural was the perfect strength to feel the contraction coming, plus the pressure, but without any pain. it helped us time the pushing better than we would have otherwise.

she crowned on the first practice.

she crowned a bit more on the second, while the doctor was finishing setting everything up.

then we pushed for real.

then again.

about 1/3 of the way through the first push of the 3rd set charlotte’s head popped out. the rest of her would have as well, had the doctor not caught her and yelled “stop!” at me.

moments later, at 9:12am, she was born.

i’m still in shock over how fast and smooth the entire thing went.

there’s lots more to share about today…well, yesterday, but i’m fading insanely fast at this point and i need save my strength for the feeding that’s about to occur.

  • Will

    Yay for babies! We can’t wait to see her.

  • Will

    Yay for babies! We can’t wait to see her.

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