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so this is lame…

Friday, August 31st, 2007

i noticed a couple of days ago that my pants were fitting funny. yesterday i realized it’s because my ass doesn’t seem to be as large as it was.

can that be true? i’m almost in my 8th month and my ass is actually *shrinking*? that’s just not in keeping with my world view. i mean, sure, i haven’t gained much weight in the past month or so and charlotte certainly has, but still, a smaller ass?

alas, i was wrong. as a previously pregnant co-worker pointed out, my ass wasn’t getting smaller. my hips were spreading and my ass was flattening out as it stretched to keep up.


(posty-post later?)

this space reserved for image uploading

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

adding a couple of pictures to the me gallery. This always seems to create a blank entry, so instead, i’m creating a non-blank one.

catch up (or weeks 19-26 in review?)

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

an absurd amount of stuff has happened in the last …two months?! that hasn’t really gotten documented here. no big worries, because most of it wasn’t baby-related. i have grown much bigger, but alas, there are very few pictures to document the growth. i promise i’ll get that done soon…i just don’t know when.

to catch you up to speed:

the first half of my second trimester was a breeze, like they say it can be some times. there was very little pain, random baby movements to make me feel contented and no baby-related drama. sure, my ankles/feet swelled up if i didn’t behave, but that was about it.

at the end of june, however (week 21ish and my 30th birthday), things changed almost overnight. bones started separating, making it awkward and painful to walk. my hands developed carpal tunnel syndrome, hurting when i typed and falling numb when i slept. my breasts, which had been behaving thus far, started leaking just enough to be a bit irritating, and speaking of leaking, that whole “bones separating” bit led to some other “leaks.”

at my 6 month checkup in early july, my doctor assured me that all of this was normal and gave me some helpful advice on how to deal with all of it. we also took another look at the the baby and it was officially declared a girl.

so, charlotte anne it is.

for a few days, i found this news quite unsettling. not that we were having a girl, but that knowing the child’s gender, assigning her an official name, made the entire person-creating process seem more real and more absurd. sure, i’m impressed with the fact that my body knows exactly how to make another human being without being told, and of course, i knew the whole time that a baby would eventually come out of me, but the fact that this person, this entity that is “charlotte anne” exists now and will never not exist and is unique among the world and such just sort of blew my mind. it still does. it’s hard to explain. everyone who’s tried to repeat it back to me (“so you’re saying….”) doesn’t quite express it in the way it makes me feel.

the last few weeks have been spent doing any number of things. we moved into our loft, filling it as best we could afford with new lofty furniture. we mourned the passing of ryan’s mother, who had been fighting stage 4 colon cancer for the last 3 years. we took on an almost entirely new (save me?) account/project management staff at work to help us scale. we picked up two house guests who will be living with us through september, and will hopefully still be in town for charlotte’s birth a month later. we registered for the bulk of charlotte’s new stuff, but will need a second trip to sort some things out and register at a second store.

all the stress, plus growing into the 3rd trimester (next week!) did a number on my stomach. early last week i started having some acid-related discomfort that i assumed would be tempered/resolved by doing the smaller-meals thing. i tried that, without altering my diet too much (i like the rich, spicy stuff which thusfar has not really been any trouble) and things seemed to be doing “okay.” friday night, however, things became unbearable and for the first time since being pregnant i threw up. a lot. a lot a lot. and a few sips of water were enough to almost send me back to the toilet.

after a call to the doctor on saturday morning, i spent the bulk of the day resting on the couch, nervously sipping on clear soda, munching on saltines all the while being extremely hungry and terribly thirsty. before going to bed (when i had upgraded to white bread), i still felt uneasy and anxious. too much too soon and i’d be right back where i’d started, which was not a place i wanted to be. today i feel much better, and am cautiously adding things like milk and slightly tastier bland things to my diet. there’s a bbq this afternoon that will try my willpower greatly. i have completely missed out on the fair-food from this weekend’s straussenfest, and this is the only fest with plate-sized potato pancakes covered in horseradish sauce. ah well, that’s not as tasty when you’re stone-cold sober anyway.

so that’s pretty much all there is to say right now. i’ve gotten “bored” with the books that tell me what pregnancy is like and am focusing more on breastfeeding and early baby/me care. those first 6 weeks post-birth? those sound like more of a doozy than anything i’ve faced or read about up till now.

i’ll try to check in again before too long.