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post ultrasound sex annoucement

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

well… yeah.

we don’t know.

after a 40 minute ultrasound, 20 minutes of which was sex-hunting (and boy did we hunt) the baby was pronounced as “probably a girl, but i’m not sure.” this isn’t the standard “we can only tell with 95% certainty it’s a girl” probably, either. the tike had it’s legs tucked up to it’s chest and it’s ankles crossed right over the important bits. no amount of attempting to jar them loose worked, and the technician was clearly a pro. at my next checkup, in a month or so, we’ll see if we can look again, even though there’s no ultrasound scheduled.

the baby, boy or girl, is healthy and well. all the bits and pieces were the right size, shape, etc, which is so thrilling most of me doesn’t care that we don’t know the gender. i’d much rather not know that than anything else that might not have been clear on the scan. the scan itself was pretty crazy. i’m a fan of technology, and this stuff is amazing. we even managed to snag a 4 minute video of the thing for showing to family and friends. as soon as we locate a vcr….

for now, i’m switching my pronoun to “she” as much as possible. partially because of the “probably” and partially to build the image of charlotte in my head as concretely as arthur is. we celebrated the news by buying a little outfit. unfortunately it had neither pink ruffles nor blue sailboats, but is still pretty dang cute.

the baby is about to take it’s first plane ride in the morning, so i’m going to get some sleep now.

what was that about?

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

you may have noticed that 3 random blank posts showed up on the site and/or on your rss feed. I think it has something to do with the fact that i uploaded some pictures and then updated the gallery of me.

dunno. i made them go away, though.

week in review: weeks 17 and 18

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

subtitled: hiccough wars

so there’s definitely something inside of me. i realize this has been the case all along, but in the past week or so, the little flutters and maybe-kicks have transformed into very clear pokes. i think this kid has the hiccoughs all the time. i’ll get isolated movements occasionally, where it seems he’s just adjusting position or whatever, but more often than not, there will be distinct pulses, usually 3 or 4 in a row, evenly timed, and with no “movement” like he’s switching positions. what can that be other than hiccoughs? i manage to catch my own every so often and have been known to point at my stomach and say “hah! see how you like it, buddy!” apparently that’s a bit …disconcerting to whoever happens to be around me.

a few times they’ve been strong enough that they can be felt from the outside, and ryan was able feel it on friday. i’m not sure how he felt about it, but for me, it brought a new level of reality to the whole thing. it’s no longer “this thing that’s happening to me,” but something that’s officially happening to us. yes, yes, dealing with my hormones and diet drama and being part of purchases of maternity clothes and needing to slow down when we walk places and being woken up in the night when i’m uncomfortable or have to pee etc, etc, means that this pregnancy is most certainly happening to him as well. but still, now some of the cool-yet-freaky things are a part of his experience. i say yay to that.

tomorrow is our “big ultrasound” at the doctors. lots of checking out the baby to see if he’s healthy, taking video for us to share with others, and of course, to determine if i’ve been right about this “he” stuff, or if i need to do a very abrupt change in my perception.

and that’s going to be weird. it’s not that i want a boy as much as i have this really concrete image in my head about what this boy-baby will look like. if it turns out we’re having a girl, not only is my imagining way behind, but that boy-baby has to go away. granted, i may be so thrilled to see the little twerp, gender aside that it won’t really matter :)

i should be making some updates to the picture gallery tonight, too.

dreams: curiouser and curiouser

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

the fact that i’m pregnant has officially made it’s way into my subconscious. more often than not, if i’m in a dream i’m aware that i’m pregnant. recently, however, the baby has started to make an appearance.

the first dream was last weekend. we brought “the baby” to show my parents and some of their friends. the baby was a bit disfigured (because that’s how baby dreams go sometimes) but nobody seemed to notice. i had enough of a “this is a dream” awareness to decided to check the sex, to see if i could learn something. sadly, the baby was as disfigured “down there” as it was on it’s face, so i gained no subconscious insights that night.

last night i had a series of dreams (even between mid-night potty breaks) that seemed to either be testing me, or reassuring me that i knew what to do in general situations. there was a baby in the dream (actually, it was a puppy at first) but nobody really did anything to/for it until remembered that it needed to be done (feeding, changing, sleeping) or that i pointed out that something was wrong (no car seat, the baby was actually a puppy, etc). it made for a very bizarre set of dreams. i think the fact that it carried over to other dreams, when i would suddenly remember “wait, there’s a baby. where is it?” was what made it so odd.

so yeah. one of the sites that emails me regularly said that the hormones are probably going to start messing with my dreams. if this isn’t what “messed with” looks like, i’m not sure i want to know ;)