baby’s first craving

friday a (smaller than normal) group from work went to starbucks (like we do most mornings). i decided that instead of a hot sweet coffee flavored (decaf) drink, i wanted something like juice. so i went up to the little display case and gazed at the rows and rows of smoothies and fancy mixed juice drinks and such and spied the orange juice. i bought a bottle (maybe 12 oz? maybe 16?)…and drank the entire thing before our party had received all their drinks. it was not a slow day. i probably finished in 2-3 minutes.

here’s the kicker: i do not like orange juice. at all. in order to get me to drink it willingly it needs to be fresh squeezed (or taste as such) and virtually pulp free. this was neither. the entire time i was drinking it i was aware of the distasteful qualities but i could not help thinking, “this is so satisfying.”

when i was finished ryan turned to me and said “you want another, don’t you?”

he was right.

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