week in review: week 9

i have a bump!

…okay, so you can see from the weekly pictures that i’ve sort have always had “a bump” because i’m overweight and all, but! the bump doesn’t go away anymore. it used to be if i stood up very very tall and squeezed in i could pretend i had a flat stomach.

i can’t anymore, though! how cool is that?

less cool is the acne. it’s sort of all over the face, worse than i ever had as a teenager. in my frustration, i got a bit over-zealous with the cleaning and ended up sort of burning my face. so now it’s dry and painful and sort of scalded and still full of acne. ah well. all this lustrous hair could use a dye as well, since it’s now growing out grey even *faster* than normal, but i’m shying away from that stuff, despite the random “no, really, it’s probably perfectly safe” things i see on some websites. until there is a consensus of safeness, i’m not going for it. in a few months i figure i’ll cut off the blond and have an adorable grey bob for all to admire.

also on the list of pregnancy related side effects are some wicked fierce mood swings (my coworkers are saints, especially when i warn them it’s upon me and they stick it out for the storm anyway), a bit of digestive problems, and oh, so much sleepiness. nausea’s sort of constant but mild. just strong enough to make most foods unappetizing, but not worse than that, so i’m barely complaining.

spotting seems to be off the list of symptoms these days so hurrah progesterone and hurrah placenta! no official news on the sprout, but the emails tell me he’s a fetus officially now and about an inch long. we hit the doctors on thursday to discuss the progesterone thing, but as far as i know no pictures or anything. i suspect that’ll happen in a couple more weeks (week 12ish).

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