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week in review: week 10 and 11

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

you know what? there isn’t really much to report on just now. we’re all just sort of doing our thing and waiting for the next phase/doctor’s visit.

we went to the doctor about a week ago and besides being reminded why i like my doctor so much, it was largely uneventful. she asked me to stay on the progesterone until i hit 12 weeks and then start weaning myself off (which i’m doing, now that i’m officially at 12 weeks). we took a shot at listening for the heartbeat, but were unsuccessful. i’m still full of worry that something’s wrong in there and the only reason we don’t know it is because of the progesterone. i hope when we have our appointment at week 14 and we hear the heartbeat that i’ll be more relaxed, but i have a feeling it will take until the ultrasound at 18 weeks before i calm down about that. of course, that will just make room for different things to worry about ;)

the bump is growing a bit all the time (which, if i were normally rational, i would interpret as a sign that everything’s okay, but i can’t because i’m me). it’s to the point that when i’m sitting back in a chair, it will “hang over” (at least visually) a note pad or computer i have in my lap. i still have moments where i look fat instead of pregnant, but i’m starting to make the conscious choice for clothes that push towards looking pregnant. i’ve bought a couple of things (here and there, on sale and such), but i’m not quite big enough for any of them to look right yet. i did buy a bigger bra though, which has helped discomfort out a bit.

we went to a wedding yesterday and took pictures of “the bump” in a dress not really designed for bumping. it accommodates it pretty well at this stage though if you just push the gentle waistband up over the bump. those pictures should be up as soon as i get not-lazy enough to do so.

i’m looking forward to the first trimester being over. i haven’t gotten “all the way” sick, but i have had a few days where i got much closer than i’d like. nothing really crazy like the oj has happened since, i have been on a “mmm…buffalo wings/chicken fingers/chicken sandwich” kick which is probably not just me wanting things that taste good. i have days were i want meat, days where i want juice, but again, nothing quite so “omg love!” as the oj thing.

baby’s first craving

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

friday a (smaller than normal) group from work went to starbucks (like we do most mornings). i decided that instead of a hot sweet coffee flavored (decaf) drink, i wanted something like juice. so i went up to the little display case and gazed at the rows and rows of smoothies and fancy mixed juice drinks and such and spied the orange juice. i bought a bottle (maybe 12 oz? maybe 16?)…and drank the entire thing before our party had received all their drinks. it was not a slow day. i probably finished in 2-3 minutes.

here’s the kicker: i do not like orange juice. at all. in order to get me to drink it willingly it needs to be fresh squeezed (or taste as such) and virtually pulp free. this was neither. the entire time i was drinking it i was aware of the distasteful qualities but i could not help thinking, “this is so satisfying.”

when i was finished ryan turned to me and said “you want another, don’t you?”

he was right.

week in review: week 9

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

i have a bump!

…okay, so you can see from the weekly pictures that i’ve sort have always had “a bump” because i’m overweight and all, but! the bump doesn’t go away anymore. it used to be if i stood up very very tall and squeezed in i could pretend i had a flat stomach.

i can’t anymore, though! how cool is that?

less cool is the acne. it’s sort of all over the face, worse than i ever had as a teenager. in my frustration, i got a bit over-zealous with the cleaning and ended up sort of burning my face. so now it’s dry and painful and sort of scalded and still full of acne. ah well. all this lustrous hair could use a dye as well, since it’s now growing out grey even *faster* than normal, but i’m shying away from that stuff, despite the random “no, really, it’s probably perfectly safe” things i see on some websites. until there is a consensus of safeness, i’m not going for it. in a few months i figure i’ll cut off the blond and have an adorable grey bob for all to admire.

also on the list of pregnancy related side effects are some wicked fierce mood swings (my coworkers are saints, especially when i warn them it’s upon me and they stick it out for the storm anyway), a bit of digestive problems, and oh, so much sleepiness. nausea’s sort of constant but mild. just strong enough to make most foods unappetizing, but not worse than that, so i’m barely complaining.

spotting seems to be off the list of symptoms these days so hurrah progesterone and hurrah placenta! no official news on the sprout, but the emails tell me he’s a fetus officially now and about an inch long. we hit the doctors on thursday to discuss the progesterone thing, but as far as i know no pictures or anything. i suspect that’ll happen in a couple more weeks (week 12ish).

more about food

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

earl grey tea smells like after-shave. tastes okay though.

things with spinach (quiche, etc) now taste almost entirely of spinach.

i pretty much just drink water, juice, and propel these days. i’ve mostly given up caffeine. i only have some when my brain says to me, “caffeine or migraine?” mostly that’s tea, because i can control the strength to some extent and not add on a bunch of calories. i miss soda, though. i’m trying to stay away from sweeteners as well as the caffeine, and i really can’t justify the extra calories of a full-sugar soda, so i pretty much only try it out when i need the boost. yesterday’s diet dr. pepper tasted “off,” but i wrote it off as being old and not used to the taste of sweeteners anymore. today i was feeling cranky at lunch, so i got a regular fountain dr. pepper to cheer me up. it, too, tasted off, and i had neither old-ness or sweetener to explain it. when a coworker asked if tasted tinny, (which it did), he shared that his wife cannot drink it while pregnant either because of how funny it tastes. this is more irritating to me than the fish.

for the last almost 30 years, if you had put sugar candy (esp. cherry or caramel flavored) next to a piece of chocolate and asked me to pick one, i would have grabbed the sugar candy every time (huge disparity in quality aside, mind you). it’s not that i don’t like chocolate, i just like the other stuff more. not so much anymore. now sugar candy tastes “okay” but the snow-caps at the move theatre taste divine and intensely chocolatey.

i am trying very hard to eat good food and decent amounts but the perpetual queasiness makes it difficult to find anything appealing.

the cat is out of the bag

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

yesterday we made some phone calls and generally started telling everyone we walked up to that we were going to have a baby. today both ryan and i posted some pictures on our blogs. i thought it was real before, and certainly the ultrasound went a long way to help that, but talking to my extended family and friends about the “big news” brought a whole new level of real to the situation.

i’m also “turning this site on” by linking to it from my main blog so people who weren’t in on it from the beginning can catch up if they want to.

hooray baby!

week in review: week 7 and 8

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

the last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy, both in terms of the baby and life in general. my dad’s health took a rather drastic turn for the worse, so that, coupled with my own “take it easy” needs helped us decided not to take our trip to New York. As it turns out, all 3 of us (grandpa, baby, and me) are doing much better a week later.

me: the progesterone seems to be kicking in fairly strongly. i haven’t spotted in about 3 days (a record), and all the standard first-trimester symptoms have taken a step forward in strength. still no vomiting, which i say hooray too. my biggest smell aversion seems to be “boiling starch.” plain noodles or rice boiling in a pot sends the gag reflex up faster and stronger than anything. i think that the vanilla/dairy/egg bit may just be a similar smelling by-product of that. i’m also getting sensitive to spices and seasonings, but since i like flavorful food, it seems to be working out in my favor (except black pepper).

the baby: oh gosh, i can’t tell you how great it was to see it on the ultrasound on monday. so many fears and concerns were put to rest in a single “your baby looks lovely and healthy” moment. i know the picture looks like a blob, but during the actual scan, you could fairly easily make out arms and a head and especially the 161-bpm heart. it was beautiful.

our next visit is mid-april (week 10ish), to talk to the doc and stuff about me.